Moscow-based company Antipode Sales & Distribution is created in 2012.
ANTIPODE is the Eastern European project aiming at the aggregation of rights on the feature, animation and documentary films, the global sales of all types of these rights on these pictures, and certainly on their festival distribution.
ANTIPODE works with films from all over the world (line-up includes films from Russia, Sweden, Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Phillippines, Baltic states, Georgia, China, Spain, Mexico, France, Germany) in the context of established world traditions and principles of cinema business.
ANTIPODE is open to cooperation, does not swagger and is always happy to find new business and festival partners. We always have and will have unexpected films for you – and why one may suspect that spectators in your country would not want to watch it. We are confident of and are ready to persuade you that we may get fascinated by cinema together and together earn money for its development. A new Eastern European cinema wave is coming. So let’s ride on it together. Welcome!