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Anuktatop: the metamorphosis

original title: Anuktatop: la métamorphose

2016, 105 min., color, French-Wayana

cosmodrome ethnography folklore forest island juvenile native peoples psychedelic ritual sea life tradition universe visual anthropology warriors

DOCUMENTARY CATEGORY : Visual anthropology / Ethnography
COUNTRIES: France, French Guiana
PRODUCTION : BUDGET : 120 000 euro



Derreck Opoya, Malilu Opoya, Sylvana Opoya, Stéphane Toineïke, Eda Alupki


Director s : Screenplay : Nicolas Pradal and Pierre Selvini
Cinematographer : Tarek Sami
Producers : David Crochet


IDFA 2016 Competition for First Appearance


Little Derreck, a native American of the Wayana tribe on the river Maroni in French Guyana, brings us into his world.

We follow his dreams and reality in a context of cultural, social and identity crisis. Where generations live side by side without understanding each other. Grand-mother Malilou’s memories show us her youth in the fifties. Young Sylvana’s dreams idealize her boyfriend from a different tribe. Young Stéphane’s fantasies take place in Kourou in the European Space Port. Derreck dreams about mythological Wayana warriors.

“Anuktatop”, meaning metamorphosis in Wayana, displays a universe where Times mingle between memories of the Elders and future perspectives of the Younger in this remote territory in the French Amazonian Forest.


“It is with a lif-saving impulse that this film invents the possibility of another culture”, –  Les Cahiers du cinéma