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original title: Capace

2017, 80 min., color, Romanian

1990th businessman mal meaning of life meditation romanian new wave

CATEGORIES : Drama, Debut
COUNTRY: Romania
PRODUCTION : BUDGET : 900 000 euro


Director : Actor s :

Adrian Titieni, Vlad Ivanov

Screenplay : Sorin Marin
Cinematographer : Daniel Serbănică
Producers : Alexandru Teodorescu


FESTIVALS: Dhaka International FF 2019


16 years ago I reached Sfantu Gheorghe, a magical place, where the Danube River meets the Black Sea.

There I understood that my adult life was a comprised of a series of games, that I was fighting to win every day.

I remembered those games of my childhood, when I was happy.

A short while after my visit in Sfantu Gheorghe, I retired from business and began writing the screenplay and, in 2015, after many searches and hesitations, we started filming.


Radu, 45, rich and single, manages his business with a strong, unwavering hand and no scruples. His competition is now leading a charge against him on the stock market, which prompts Radu to remember a childhood game of beer bottle caps, a game that required risk-taking, effort and skill. A heart attack and the news that he might need a heart transplant determines him to head to a remote place, where the Danube river meets the sea, a place of simple people and age-old customs.