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original title: ACROSS

2023, 77 min., color, Italian-English-Spanish

DOCUMENTARY CATEGORIES : Social / Society / Human, Portraits
COUNTRIES: Switzerland, Italy
PRODUCTION : BUDGET : 190 000 euro


Fabio Bussotti (narrator), Marco Rezoagli (Jesus), Irene Dorigotti, Grazia Merlo, Chiara Dorigotti Giorgio Dorigotti, Riccardo Annoni (grampa Dorigotti)


Director : Screenplay : Irene Dorigotti
Cinematographer : Simone Rosset, Irene Dorigotti
Producers : Riccardo Annoni and Antonio Prata


FESTIVALS: Venice International Film Festival (Giornate degli autori) 2023, Ji.hlava IFF (Opus Bonum Competition) 2023

DIRECTOR’S NOTE: “The film I’ve made is a performance that blends fiction and reality. In my own life, one all-important day that helped to forge my imagination was my eighth birthday, when my mother woke me up early and said: ‘Now you are ready!’ I opened my birthday present and there was a girl scout uniform and all the equipment. From that moment on, I spent most of my childhood walking in the woods and sharing the path with other children, seeking a God in falling stars – a God who could answer the big questions of a little life. At age twenty I put away my scout upbringing with all my other keepsakes and launched into the study of anthropology. Today I’m a rather reserved person who occasionally makes rash decisions, following my instinct, small signs of fate, or whatever else there may be. Thanks to one of these sudden inspirations, in fact, I embarked on this project and devoted all my efforts to an experiment: making a film about the concept of the sacred.”



A spiritual road movie, a girl’s search for the sacred that uncovers the most controversial animals: humans.

Irene grew up in the Italian Alps in a family that loved travel and the scout culture.

Now, while in Turin because the Holy Shroud is on display, Irene starts down a new path – to faith. Her journey, teeming with playful encounters and small revelations, turns the film into a genuinely spiritual road movie. Yet Irene is restless, with no answers to her questions – until reality changes into a poetic universe. After Mexico’s syncretism and clamour, Vietnam’s hustle and bustle, and the temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Irene backs away from religion and embraces the sacred.