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original title: 5 TERAPIA

2017, 74 min., Russian

adaptation of asylum diary human rights insane jail junkie Odessa vicious circle

CATEGORIES : Drama, Debut
COUNTRY: Ukraine


Stas Dombrovskiy, Victor Brevis, Alina Putyshyna, Elena Dashevskaya, Sonya Kulagina, Alexander Osetinskiy, Konstantin Miskarov, Natalia Buzko, Lesya Verba, Vadim Kazakov, Alexander Vereshchagin, Andrey Lavrikov, Yuriy Parsakov, Igor Yeremichev, Alexander Ilvahin, Ilya Karpov, Nickolay Lepeshkin, Artem Matovitsev, Stas Podlipskiy


Director : Screenplay : Аlisa Pavlovskaya
Cinematographer : Мaria Perkunova
Producers : Valeriy Kalmykov, Victor Vilhelm


based on a true story
all the characters are NOT fictional

Stas Dombrovski. He spent twenty years of his life with substances, eleven comma six behind the bars. His criminal record counts seven convictions. He has been living twenty years with HIV and hepatitis. In 2007, he was liberated from a high security prison because of ill health. He has been off drugs for three years. He managed to transform all this experience into creative work: he is a writer, a poet, an artist and an actor. Over the last few years, he had a stake in every informal culture event of Odessa and in most such events in Kyiv. Not only he managed to play himself in a featured film but he convinced the cream of the artistic society to join him. Together with a group of like-minded people, he created the Club KPD but when the group achieved success and glory, he told them all to fuck off and called himself a hermit. One of the city theatres stages a play featuring a character based on him. He published the book Yellow Room. He first created a Hedgehog in the Fog studio and later messed it up. It is highly dangerous to meet him in person – not only he will surely infect you with a creative idea but he will also help you to put it in action. To save the editorial board from Dombrovski’s personal intervention, we are publishing his text on the pages of our newspaper. We sincerely hope it is (not) for the last time.


The film is based on a series of novels by Stas Dombrowski, a former drug addict and criminal who learned that he was HIV positive in 17 years, and plunged into absolute self-destruction for next two decades. Only on his deathbed in prison therapy, knowing that he would die in two weeks, Stas understood that he wants to live more than anything in this world.


By The Odessa Review

This picture is about the Odessan poet and writer, former prisoner and, according to his own confession, a recovering drug-addict, Stanislaw Dombrovsky. He’s locally famous for his poetry, turbulent personal life and controversial civil activity. The film depicts some real life events of the poet, mainly focused on the struggle against his addiction. Stanislaw plays himself in the film — as almost half of the characters do.

All the tickets were sold out — fortunately, I had my press badge. Familiar faces were both in the hall and on the screen. Of course, this makes it difficult to be objective. Where does the “oh, look, I know this guy” end and neutral assessment begin? I cannot surely answer. But for me, the film was quite good — dynamic, with plenty of humor and, what I appreciate the most, with a mission of helping people recovering from drug addiction.