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original title: TIGUERE

2024, post-production, 84 min., color, Spanish


CATEGORIES : Drama, Thriller
COUNTRY: Dominican Republic
PRODUCTION : BUDGET : 1 250 000 euro


Manny Perez, Carlos Fernandez


Director : Screenplay : Arturo Arango, Nuri Duarte, Xenia Rivery, Alan Gonzales, José Maria Cabral
Cinematographer : Hernan Herrera
Producers : Carlos German


A group of male adolescents are recruited by their parents into a bootcamp to be forged into hustlers, players, “tigueres”. This archetype is the highest idealization of the male character in Dominican and Caribbean culture. Alberto is the head coach of this camp who decides that Pablo’s time has come to join the group. But Pablo, his son, is a Tiguere in his own right, unbeknownst to Alberto, whose coming-of-age process clashes with his father’s authoritarian views. This leads Pablo on a journey of self-discovery.