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Hymn to the Great City

original title: Hymn velikomu gorodu

2016, 50 min., color, Russian

aerials city guide empire Hermitage history of architecture Slow Mo Venice of the North

DOCUMENTARY CATEGORY : Art / Music / Literature / Culture
PRODUCTION : BUDGET : 90 000 euro


Director s : Screenplay : Sergey Debizhev
Cinematographer : Andrei Yefimov, Vladimir Mikhailov
Producers : Alexey Telnov, Mikhail Skigin


This film project is the first experience of large-scale visualization.

The film is an integral artistic creation with internal drama, uniquely complicated shooting and use of latest achievements in the technology of representation.

St. Petersburg is depicted vividly, powerfully and expressively. The spectators will appreciate the size of the city, its magnificence and unique elevations used during the shooting. It is a new view, absolutely unprecedented, allowing the spectators to see St. Petersburg in a new way. Unusual viewpoints, different states of nature and different lighting create an essentially new feeling of the space that used to be known.