The Secret of a Leader /APSA 2019 | In Competition

Ant!pode is thrilled to announce The Secret of a Leader directed by Farkhat Sharipov has been entered into the official The Asia Pacific Screen Awards| ‘In Competition’ and is competing for potential nominations. The Secret … Continued

Wild Roses /screening /Filmmuseum Potsdam

Ant!pode would like to present screening of “Wild Roses” directed by Anna Jadowska as part of programme Filmfestival Cottbus Reloaded in Filmmuseum Potsdam. Showtimes: WILD ROSES by Anna Jadowska 29 September, 19-00 Filmmuseum Potsdam Address: Breite Straße 1A … Continued

Wild Roses / Summer in Tivoli /MGLC

Ant!pode would like to inform “Wild Roses” by Anna Jadowska will be shown 15 July in Tivoli (Slovenia). The screening will be held as part of the “Films in the Woods” programme. “Wild Roses” (2017, Poland, 89 min) directed by Anna … Continued

5th Therapy /Ukrainian release

Ant!pode is proud to annonce  “5 Therapy” by Alisa Pavlovskaya starts in the Ukraine Box Office on April 19. Ditributor UFD. 16+ KIEV : “Movie Line” /”Aladdin”, “Planet Cinema”, Butterfly ” Cosmopolitan”, “Ultramarine”, “Satellite”, “Zhovten”, “Florence”, “Cinema City”, “Leipzig”, … Continued

L’Amatore /Munich Film Museum

Ant!pode is pleased to announce “The Amateur” by Maria Mauti will be held at the Munich Film Museum (Film Museum in the Munich Stadtmuseum). Showtimes: The Amateur /L’Amatore by Maria Mauti  / 2016 /Italy /90 min (Architectural programme) … Continued

See You in Chechny / CINEMA POLITICA

Ant!pode would like to inform SEE YOU IN CHECHNYA by ALEXANDER KVATASHIDZE will be screened at CINEMA POLITICA Screening Truth to Power (March 12-25) in Montreal (Canada) and Sofia (Bulgaria). SEE YOU IN CHECHNYA by ALEXANDER … Continued