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Russian Dream

original title: Russkiy son

2013, 52 min., color, Russian

adventure adventure of a foreigner in Russia dance folklore ritual road movie sing snow the far north tradition visual anthropology

DOCUMENTARY CATEGORIES : Social / Society / Human, Visual anthropology / Ethnography
PRODUCTION : BUDGET : 70 000 euro


Marina Albee


Director : Actor :

Florian Schmitt

Screenplay : Sergey Debizhev
Cinematographer : Kirill Arkharov, Sergey Debizhev, Andrei Yefimov
Producers : Alexey Telnov


FESTIVALSIDFA 2015, Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York 2014


The film tells about Marina Albi, a famous American woman who has been living for twenty years in Russia. She undertakes a spiritual trip in the Russian province to find ‘the Heart of Russia’. It is with her eyes that we see the beauties and the joys of small Russian towns and villages, as well as their sufferings and problems. The goal of her trip is to find explanations: “What is one’s own life?” “How to live one’s own life?” In the end of the film, she meets someone and this great meeting reveals to her simple and great truths.