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The Unprofitable Servant

original title: El siervo inútil

2023, 74 min., color, Spanish

CATEGORIES : Drama, Debut
COUNTRY: Argentina
PRODUCTION : BUDGET : 182 000 euro


Federico Liss, Ruben Gattino, Pola Halaban, Víctor López, Axel Prato


Director : Screenplay : Fernando Lacolla
Cinematographer : Ezequiel Salinas
Producers : Ana Lucía Frau, Eva Cáceres


Luca is a taciturn real estate employee who works for a company that is interested in developing a housing project on the old railway lands. Faced with red tape that impedes the progress of the project, Luca turns to a congressman, Cardone, who gets involved in the business and makes Luca his front man. Blinded by his ambition, Luca cannot see how far he is about to fall.and long if available.