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Ice Under His Feet

original title: Drugoe prostranstvo

2022, 92 min., color, Russian

DOCUMENTARY CATEGORY : Current Time / Politics
COUNTRIES: Germany, Georgia, Czech Republic
PRODUCTION : BUDGET : 15 000 euro


Director : Screenplay : Kirill Nenashev, Salome Machaidze
Cinematographer : Kirill Nenashev
Producers : Kirill Nenashev


Masha and Ilya were born around the time Vladimir Putin came to power. The girl and the boy, just like their friends, wanted to live in a free, democratic and open country. Fighting for freedom and their future, our heroes organize discussion clubs and protest actions, participate in pickets and give lectures, support their comrades who are behind bars, try to change the minds of their relatives, friends and ordinary passers-by in various Russian cities.
“Moscow, come out!” shouts Masha at a rally. But Moscow does not come out, it is busy and in a hurry. The centuries-old machine of unfreedom sweeps the boys away. War breaks out. And we all find ourselves in another reality.