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original title: Tsenzor

2018, 122 min., color, Russian

dystopia future historical reenactment rivalry secret service suicide violence virtual reality

CATEGORIES : Thriller, Debut, Sci-Fi
PRODUCTION : BUDGET : 50 753 euro


Stepan Beketov, Pavel Mihailov, Galina Sumina, Sergey Mardar


Director : Screenplay : Ivan Tropov
Cinematographer : Konstantin Shelepov, Alexander Smirnov
Producers : Nikolay Bunkin, Igor Fokin, Vladislav Pasternak


FESTIVALSObscura Film Festival / Berlin 2018SCI-FI-London 2018

SOURCE: crowdfunding

CENSOR is the only project which was successfully financed by backers on both major Russian crowdfunding platforms and Boomstarter. The first trailer of Censor went viral and achieved an unprecedented figure of 2 million views on YouTube and That’s an eloquent result of our marketing research: the audience wants this movie badly. And so do the cast and the crew: none of the crew or cast members were paid during the production.

Team’s point was to shoot a feature-length, action-packed spectacular sci-fi movie for a penny. CENSOR is shot on well-known Canon 5D Mark II and III, GoPro, DJI Ronin, Phantom and everything else what can shoot in HD.


OST Censor, produced by Galernaya 20 (, Max Kopytov and Nikolay Bunkin, to be released in 2016 to support the movie release.

OST Censor is the music from and inspired by Censor. The album includes the best bands of Russian indie and alternative scene, such as Ocean Jet, Deep Winter, 1/2 Orchestra, Neon Lights, Pethole, and many others (all lyrics in English). This album will reveal the new Russian music to the world audience.

Making CENSOR is an an experiment in search for one answer: “Can someone, using modern technology and having almost no budget, make a movie that could be as appealing to the wide audience as studio movies are?”


CENSOR is the only project which was successfully financed by backers on both major Russian crowdfunding platforms and Boomstarter ($ 60 000).

In the not so distant future computer game industry reaches its fullest flower

Virtual reality is indistinguishable from real life. The government launches Department C to control the game space. Censors delve into games to take sex and violence beyond the forbidden level. A game that would let them do that must be banned. But one of the Censors is a maniac who enjoys his bloody job. At some point the Censors lose their ability to tell the game from the real world.