Marina Razbezhkina Studio

Marina Razbezhkina Workshop Ltd. was created by Marina Aleksandrovna Razbezhkina, a film director, a screenwriter, a producer, a member of the European Film Academy, of the Nika Russian Cinematographic Art Academy, of the Guild of Documentary Cinema and TV, of the Guild of Russian film directors, of Kinosoyuz.

The last years have witnessed the building of a great artistic and technical team centered on the studio.

First of all, we should mention Marina Razbezhkina herself – a producer, a screenwriter, a film director, a recipient of more than twenty-five international and domestic awards. Others include Irina Uralskaya, an outstanding camera operator; Yuri Gheddert, a sound operator and a film editor; Anton Silayev, a composer. Two young and talented filmmakers joined the studio recently: Denis Klebleyev, a film director and a cameraman, and Elizaveta Vorobyova, an executive producer.

Marina Razbezhkina has also been a co-founder and co-director of the Documentary Film and Theatre School (together with Mikhail Ugarov), a close collaborator of the Marina Razbezhkina Workshop.

Films by the School graduates, young documentary film directors, are the main participants of the Artdokfest Film Festival.

In 2014, the Documentary Film and Theatre School graduates participating in the Marina Razbezhkina Workshop released following films: Together (directed by Denis Shabayev), 21 Days (directed by Tamara Dondurey), Mousetrap (directed by Kristina Kvitko), ZVISZHI (directed by Olga Privolnova).

Optical Axis (2013), a film authored and directed by Marina Razbezhkina, was featured in the competitive programs of international and domestic festivals at the Artdokfest, in Leipzig, Budapest, Helsinki, Rio de Janeiro and Warsaw. The film is in limited release in the Documentary Cinema Center.

In 2013, the works by the School graduates Mum (directed by Lidia Sheinina) and The Day of Forgiveness (directed by Dina Barinova), created in the Marina Razbezhkina Workshop, were featured in the competitive programs of such important festivals as IDFA (Day of Forgiveness) and Leipzig International Festival (Mum); in addition, these films received awards in Leipzig, at the “Message to the Human” festival during the Artdokfest, etc.

In 2013, our studio staged a joint production with MaJaDe Films (Germany) directed by Heino Deckert, The Last Limousine (directed by Darya Khlyostkina). The film received the Best Full-Length Film Award at the 2013 Artdokfest. The film will be shown (the contracts are already signed) at 23 Doc TV Channel, at Al Jazeer (Great Britain), at a Finnish and a Norwegian TV channels. The film used materials from The Sixteenth Republic, a film by the same director, created with the financial help from the Russian Ministry of Culture.

In 2012, the Best Full-Length Film Award at the Artdokfest was received by The 31st Run, a film created in our studio, directed by Denis Klebleyev, the Documentary Film and Theatre School graduate. The film was invited to the international festivals such as Küstendorf, Serbia; Worldfilm, Tartu, Estonia; Cinéma Réel, Paris, France; Hot Docs, Toronto.

In 2012, the film Winter, go away! was created in our studio by the School graduates, drawing a wide response all over the world, shown in more than fifty festivals, including a Class A festival, the Locarno International Film Festival.

Movies in our catalog

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