5th Therapy /Ukrainian release

Ant!pode is proud to annonce  “5 Therapy” by Alisa Pavlovskaya starts in the Ukraine Box Office on April 19. Ditributor UFD. 16+ KIEV : “Movie Line” /”Aladdin”, “Planet Cinema”, Butterfly ” Cosmopolitan”, “Ultramarine”, “Satellite”, “Zhovten”, “Florence”, “Cinema City”, “Leipzig”, … Continued

L’Amatore /Munich Film Museum

Ant!pode is pleased to announce “The Amateur” by Maria Mauti will be held at the Munich Film Museum (Film Museum in the Munich Stadtmuseum). Showtimes: The Amateur /L’Amatore by Maria Mauti  / 2016 /Italy /90 min (Architectural programme) … Continued

See You in Chechny / CINEMA POLITICA

Ant!pode would like to inform SEE YOU IN CHECHNYA by ALEXANDER KVATASHIDZE will be screened at CINEMA POLITICA Screening Truth to Power (March 12-25) in Montreal (Canada) and Sofia (Bulgaria). SEE YOU IN CHECHNYA by ALEXANDER … Continued

TEST /BYU International Cinema

Ant!pode would like to inform TEST by Alexander Kott will be screened at BYU (Brigham Young University) International Cinema (January, 30 – February, 3). Showtimes: TEST by Alexander Kott (2014, Russia, 93 min) Wednesday 31 January … Continued

Timur Novikov. Zero Object /Berlin screening

Ant!pode is pleased to announce “Timur Novikov. Zero Object” by Alexander Shein will be screened at Art Center Reinbeckhallen during exhibition “Drawing Politics” in Berlin. Showtimes: Timur Novikov. Zero Object (Alexander Shein, 2015, 95 min., … Continued

See You In Chechnya / Doc Lounge

Ant!pode would like to inform that “See You In Chechnya” by Alexander Kvatashidze became part of  Doc Lounge Official Selection – Autumn 2017. Time & Place: See You In Chechnya by Alexander Kvatashidze (Georgia-Germany-Estonia-France, 2016) October … Continued

#HOMMES /TV premiere /Current Time

On June 19, the channels Current Time (programme Real Cinema) will be showing the documentary film #HOMMES. True Story of the Thieves’ World created by the director Sa Nia. The film was produced by the … Continued

Iron Ministry /Japan Premiere/

Ant!pode is pleased to announce the Japan Premiere of “The Iron Ministry” by J.P. Sniadecki. Film is included at Special screenings: “What is a contemporary film?” (June, 20-24) by film critic and lector Chris Fujiwara. Screenings are going … Continued