5th Therapy /Ukrainian release

Ant!pode is proud to annonce  “5 Therapy” by Alisa Pavlovskaya starts in the Ukraine Box Office on April 19. Ditributor UFD. 16+

KIEV : “Movie Line” /”Aladdin”, “Planet Cinema”, Butterfly ” Cosmopolitan”, “Ultramarine”, “Satellite”, “Zhovten”, “Florence”, “Cinema City”, “Leipzig”,
“Odessa-Kino” /”Kvadrat”, “Kiev”, “Multiplex” /Sky Mall, “Line Cinema” /Metropolis, “Movie Line” /Mall Magellan, ” Boomer”

ODESSA: “Planet Cinema” by Kotovskiy, “Planet Cinema”, Cinema City, Cinema Star

KHARKOV:  “Planet Cinema” IMAX, Park, Kiev, Eight and a half, Cinemaland Them. A. Dovzhenko, Poznan, Multiplex /”Fabrika”

LVOV: Planet movies Forum, Movie planet King Kross, The movie Palace

SUMY: “Planet Cinema”

Lutzk ” Premiere City”, White Church “to them. O. Dovzhenko”

Kherson “Jubilee”, ” Multiplex”

Uman ” Premiere”

Volodymyr-Volynskyi “CMC them. Shevchenko”

Chervonograd ” cinema city”

MARIUPOL “Peremoga”

Ternopil ” Cinema City”

Lutzk “Adrenaline”

Pryluky “Town”

Vinitsa ” Smartcinema”

Khmelnitsky ” Smartcinema”

However, the best thing about this story is that Ukrainian enthusiasts managed to make a film that is not inferior to the Russian and Western social dramas. The high quality video and a perfectly tailored soundtrack amplify the story very well, thanks to the Maria Perkunova the cameraman and to the sound control supervisor Oleksii Sanduli.
The 5th Therapy makes us live through the failure and the ‘second chance’ with lots of details but without making it boring. Most of characters are not professional actors but real drug addicts and prison inmates playing themselves, making the result look like a confession of a friend rather than a feature film.
Moreover, Derzhkino did not allocate a penny for the film, it was rather filmed by enthusiasts. However, such films do not necessitate a large budget. The Ukrainian cinema has managed to conquer one more summit: it made a quality film, raising important issues. And it is agreeable to know that they allowed an independent film into cinemas, if only on a small number of screens, that they believed the society is ready to talk on complicated issues.
Dmitry Sidorenko for the Morning in the City