Saga Film is a production company based in Bucharest, Romania, founded in 2000 by Alexandru Teodorescu.

In 2007, it co-produced the Palme d’Or winner “4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days”, directed by Cristian Mungiu.

In 2010, Saga Film produced the debut feature “Outbound”, directed by Bogdan Apetri, after a story by Cristian Mungiu and Ioana Uricaru. The film premiered at Locarno IFF and was awarded a FIPRESCI Prize at Warsaw IFF and Vienna IFF.

In 2013, Saga Film produced “The Unsaved”, directed by Moldavian director Igor Cobileanski, with a script written by the Romanian director and writer Corneliu Porumboiu. The film was nominated for 11 awards by the Romanian Film Industry and was Moldova’s proposal for “Best Foreign Language Film”, Oscar category in 2014.

Saga Film also produced the short films: “The Walk” (directed by Mihaela Popescu), which premiered at Locarno IFF in 2013, “Kazimir” (directed by Dorian Boguta), winner of Best debut award at Brest IFF in 2014, “The Yellow Smiley Face”  (directed by Constantin Popescu), rewarded with the prize for best short film at Belgrade Film Festival and the second audience award at Trieste Film Festival in 2008.


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