Nicolas Pradal

Director, author, producer

Nicolas Pradal was born in Meaux (France) in 1984. Being a bad young pupil, he ends up doing a Carpentry degree. In the meanwhile his uncle, a philosophy teacher, gives him the passion for cinema. After studies in Sociology and Anthropology, he enters the ESAV (Toulouse’s audio-visual superior school).

His graduation movie “Les rêves et la loi” (dreams and laws) frontly shows the complex situation of Aboriginal people in Australia. This trip is the key to many subjects he has been studying since then.

In 2009 he begins a documentary in French Guyana in Native American territory. This touchy topic brings him to the point where he decides to make participative movies. He directs the 52 minutes “La Jeunesse du Fleuve” (The river’s youth) in partnership with Les Films du Sud as a producer, then co-directs Anuktatop la métamorphose (Anuktatop the metamorphosis) with Pierre Selvini, produced by the association Chercheurs d’Autres.

He is currently writing two projects taking place in French Guyana. Puu Baaka will be a pure documentary on a out-of-mourning ceremony performed by a Bushinenge tribe (descendants of ex-slaves who fought and won their freedom).

Omole will be a documentary/fiction co-written with the anthropologist Renzo Duin and two French Guyanese Native Americans. It will show the archaelogical quest conducted by a young Wayana man far from his actual territory.

He is also writing a fiction taking place in the South of France and Andalusia (Spain), a musical drama with Flamenco music from an ancient gipsy legend.


Length film:

  • Anuktatop : the metamorphosis, 2016, 105 min, HD.

Documentary :

  • Youth of the river, 2013, 53 min, HD.
  • Yollock’s Talk, 2011, 49 min, HDV.
  • Dreams and the Law, 2009, 32 min.

Short films :

  • Kailawa Wayana Akenaptëtpon (Kailawa the man who got the Wayanas together), 15 min, 2015, HD.
  • Malilu mëkïtpe (Malilu’s arrival), 24 min, 2015, HD.
  • Lobi Di No Man (Impossible love), 14 min, 2015, HD.
  • Stéphane temïtkan malë (Stéphane and his twin), 17 min, 2015, HD.

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