TELESTO production company

TELESTO production company was founded in 2004. From the very beginning the TELESTO Company has been dedicated to the production of high-quality, positive, spectator-oriented, modern films.

The production company started with a small number of TV films, but each year has realized more and more ambitious projects, and actively mastered new formats. Apart from producing commercial films, TELESTO has successfully turned its hand to independent art films: the short film The Letter was awarded prizes at many international festivals, and was selected for participation in the 60th annual Cannes Festival.

Films by TELESTO Production Company have premiered on the main national TV channels.  Full-length films produced by the company are notable events in Russia’s cinema distribution calendar. TELESTO’s films have participated in, and won prizes at Russian and International film festivals.





2009 «Operation Righteous»

2008 «Quiet Family Life»

2008 «Cops and robbers»

2007 «The Treasure»

2006 «A Touring Actor»

2006 «The Colour of Heaven»

2006 «Let’s Be Acquainted»

2006 «Traumatologist’s Wedding Dress»

2005 «It’s Best To Not Know»

2005 «The Wrong People Always Get Kissed»


Short films

2007 «The Letter»


Feature films

2015 «Box» (production)

2015 «The Gulls» (production)

2012 «Elephant»

2012 «Atomic Ivan»

2008 «New Year’s Tariff»

2008 «Plus One»

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