In 1992, M. E. Nikolayev, the President of the Sakha Yakutia Republic ordered to create the new state enterprise, the Sakhafilm State National Film Company. Since its creation, the film company made more than 100 films of various genres: feature-ethnographic films (Middle World, Uraankhai Sakhalar directed by A. Romanov), documentaries (Far and Near Wardirected by V. Parfyonov, The Yakut Tapestry directed by S. Andreyev), feature-publicist films (Korkin’s Way, Our Fyodor directed by N. Arzhakov), feature films (Our People directed by A. Vasiliev, Only Mountains Around Us, Yakutsk Nursery, Old Man, Diukaakh, The Island of Taiwan, Black Mask, Cranes Above Ilmen directed by N. Arkhakov, Light in the Dark, Plisada directed by E. Novikov, Aancik directed by  Yu. Beryozkin, popular science films and films ordered by various enterprises and organizations.

The creative team of the film company participated in the creation, shooting and film editing of the international film project The Mystery of Gengis Khan, 2005-2010, directed by A. Borisov, with Yuri Berezhnev, the cameraman of the organization, as the head cameraman of the project.

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