Butterfly Angel film

Butterfly Angel filmĀ was founded in 2005 by Tatiana Daniliyans and Neil Withers.
“Butterfly Angel film” has been oriented to produce documentary, short-fiction and features with a strong accent on society and culture. Since 2005 “Butterfly Angel film” produced about 10 doc and short fictions.

Filmography (selected):

2016 Six musicians and the city (doc, 73 min)

2014 Venetian meetings. Remembering Sergey Paradjanov (doc essay, 24 min)

2009-2013 Garden of poetry (doc, 20 min)

2012 Venice afloat (doc, 63 min)

2008 Hidden Garden (doc, 53 min)

2006 Frescoes of dreams (short fiction, staring Cecilia Dazzi,14 min)

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