Ella Manzheeva

Ella Manzheeva was born in 1981 in Elista,  The Republic of Kalmykia, Russia.   She studied music from childhood and graduated from the Musical College, with specialization in the violin. In 2005 she graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, specializing as Sound Director, from the  class of Professor Grigoriy Frank. In 2007 she entered the Postgraduate School of Scriptwriters and Film Directors, Moscow, Russia, specializing as director.



2015 «The Gulls», feature film  87 min

2009 «A Steppe Inside Her», experimental 14min

2008 «Uninvited. Steppe», fiction 5min

2007 «Prazdnik», documentary 5min

St. Anna Festival for Student and Debut Films, Moscow, Russia, 2009 – Diploma

International film festival Schwaebisch Hall – Formula Mundi, 2009 – 1st place in art/experimental category

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