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original title: MYSHELOVKA

2015, Russia, 57 min, Documentary, color, DCP

CATEGORY: Documentary
PRODUCTION : BUDGET : 2 200 euro


Director :

Cinematographer : Kristina Kvitko



Can one escape from family to get into a mental hospital? An overdose of drugs – and you are “free”. Now Dasha lies on a hospital bed, paints and smokes. She smokes. And smokes. And smokes. Sometimes she is visited by two women: a young one speaks about the death and about Nietzsche, an elderly one pronounces monologues about the fashion, about the food, about the schizophrenia. They come and go but nothing changes. A closed space of the mental hospital is more and more hard to endure. How much is she going to stay in this box?..

A day of discharge comes. She is going to return back home.