Vesilind OU

Vesilind OU is an independent Estonian production company (established in 1996) producing mainly documentary films and TV-programs. During the first five years the company attained recognition as a producer of mountaineering films.

From 2001 Vesilind has promoted itself as a producer of wild-life films and TV programs. As a result of the natural development the company has widened its spectrum and entered to the field of creative documentary. Vesilind has been a producer of the documentary co-productions like: “In the Footsteps of Middendorff” (with TaimyrRosGeo (TRG), Russia, 2006), “The Return of the Musk Ox” (TRG, 2008, best popular-scientific film ‘08 in Russia), Aigi/Time (VFS, Latvia, 2008), Big River (Bayerischer Rundfunk, 2012). With a support of MEDIA we have developed projects: “In the Footsteps of Middendorff”, “Saints and Civilians”, “The good, the bad and the living”. Vesilind’s production is regularly supported by Estonian Film Institute and Estonian Cultural Endowment.

Recently produced:

2016 – “The Woman and the Glacier” (52), dir. Audrius Stonys (co-production with UKU Films, Lithuania)

2016 – “Come back Free” (52’), dir. Ksenia Okhapkina

2016 – “Bonus track” (80’), dir. Riho Västrik

2015 – “Life on the Mother River“ (60’), dir. Remek Meel

2015 – “House Guard (30), dir. Ingel Vaikla

2014 – “Estonian patterns” (30), dir. Riho Västrik

2013 – “Burden of the Fire” (60‘) dir. Riho Västrik

2012 – “The Pigeons” (52‘), dir. Kadriann Kibus

2012 – “Big River” (2×45‘), dir. Vasili Sarana, (Co-production with Bayerischer Rundfunk, Germany)

2011 – “Journey to Ararat” (68‘), dir. Riho Västrik

2009 – “Old Man and the Moose» (43‘), dir. Joosep Matjus

2008 – “The Return of the Musk Ox” (52‘), dir. Vasili Sarana (co-production with TaimyRosGeo, Russia)

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