The Culture Connection Foundation

The Culture Connection Foundation was created by Dmitry Sporov in Georgia in March 2022. The Foundation was organized to support social and cultural initiatives. Our organization aims to create new communities based on multiculturalism and translocality, i.e. to recognise the value of different cultures, develop mutual interest and dialogue, and explore the world through a local context. In 2022 with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, we opened a film school for teenagers in Tbilisi and Yerevan.

In September 2023 we opened a two-month laboratory to teach new producers for culture projects. In this laboratory, we are currently working on 9 documentary film projects, including Georgian, Russian, Uzbek, and Lithuanian films. We are designing financial tracks for each of these and preparing for the next step, which is a laboratory for the filmmakers to do these films. It is part of the New Documentary Film Lab and School of Documentary Production.

In addition, in October 2023 we started a six-month program called The Filmmaking Lab “Fabula” for teenagers in three countries (Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia).

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