KinoKi Studio Ltd.

Founded in May 2008. The pricipal activities of KinoKi Ltd. is the creation of documentaries, live-action, popular science and TV films. General Producer: Anatoly Golubovsky.

Implemented projects:

Short live-action film Fairy Tale for Underage Adults, 2010, 35 mm

The film participated in many Russian and foreign film festivals.

Best Direction Prize at the Art Kino Film Festival 2010

Best Cast Prize at the Saint Anne Film Festival 2010

International Festival Direction Prize at the Short Film Festival in Lago, Italy, 2011

Special Diploma of the Jury of the International Festival of New Cinema in Pesaro, Italy, 2012

Documentary Coordinates of Utopia (Russia-France), 2013, 53 minutes

Collection of poetic films Moscow Rating, 2008

This project took part in Moscow International Film Festival 2008, International Poetic Biennale in Verona and Moscow, received an Award of the International Berlin ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

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