Kino Glaz

Kino Glaz is a Central America based film production, distribution and theatrical and televisión exhibition Company, established in 2015 by an award-winning documentary filmmaker and an outstanding film projects manager and accountant.

Kino Glaz goal is to consolidate a platform for central american cinema that builds bridges with the rest of the world and to portray our society and its stories through cinema and audiovisual art.

The Company has been awarded through its documentary feature films, such as: Ariel by the Mexican Academy of Cinemagraphic Arts and Sciences; International Amnesty Award by DOCSBARCELONA; Jury Award CINESUL in Brazil; People’s Choice Awards at Costa Rica Film Festival; Jury ‘s Mention at Havana International Film Festival; Best central american documentary film at ICARO Film Festival in  Guatemala; Jury ‘s award at International Human Rights Festival, among others.

Kino Glaz’s six films had participated at some of the best film festivals, including: IDFA, Jihlava Film Festival, DOCSBARCELONA, CINESUL and International Film Festival Mar del Plata.

Also, Kino Glaz has lead social campaigns for UNESCO, FES (Germany), Open Society Institution, and others. And has co-produced films with Spain, Mexico, Guatemala and Italy.

Movies in our catalog