Colectivo Colmena

COLECTIVO COLMENA is a film collective from Mexico that explores new ways of financing and producing films. We believe in cinema as a transformative force, for oneself and for society.

Producers of José Pablo Escamilla’s debut film MOSTRO (Locarno 2021) and ALL THE FIRES by Mauricio Calderon Rico (Locarno 2023), as well as Manuela Irene’s first feature XIBALBA MONSTER (Visions sud est) in co-production with Cine Provincia.

Currently producing José Pablo Escamilla’s sophomore film FIREDREAM (Biennale College Cinema) and developing GODSPEED SATAN (La Fabrique Cinéma), Fernanda Tovar’s debut SAD GIRL (Proyecta, Ventana Sur) and Carlos Lenin’s second feature GOD AND THE DEVIL’S CUMBIA (Talents Project Market, Berlinale) in collaboration with Huasteca Casa Cinematográfica.

Company has also produced the short films Libélula (2016, Dir. José Pablo Escamilla, 67 Berlinale Generation, Cinelatino Toulouse and Zubroffka), Playa (2017, Dir. Francisco Borrajo, 32th Mar del Plata, 68 Berlinale Generation), White Weapon (2014, Dir. Mauricio Calderón (Lakino Berlin, NYC Short Film Festival, Morelia and Caloundra) and co-produced feature films Sinvivir (2018, Dir. Anaïs Pareto, FICM Winner), and 8 out of 10 (2018, Dir. Sergio Umansky, winner at Warsaw’s Film Festival).

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