Ark Pictures

Ark Pictures is a production company specializing in creating a wide range of films— narrative and documentary, short and feature. Today, the company primarily produces successful festival films on social and historical themes but is planning to expand its work towards new genres and TV series production.

The film company was technically started in 2012 with the creation of the short film Shoes, directed and produced by Konstantin Fam. Shoes tells the history of the Holocaust through the story of a pair of women’s shoes. The film’s festival success propelled its evolution into a feature film Witnesses. To create the film, Konstantin Fam and Egor Odintsov established Ark Pictures LLC in 2014. The feature narrative film Witnesses became the new company’s first official project. The film is itself a trilogy, comprised of three short films: Shoes, Brutus, and Violin. Each of those films had its own festival journey and was submitted for the Academy Awards in the Short Film category. The feature trilogy Witnesses was released in theaters in 2018 and is available for online screening.

In 2020, the company produced two feature narrative films: Kaddish, directed by Konstantin Fam, and Conference, directed by Ivan I. Tverdovsky. Kaddish continues to explore the themes raised in Witnesses. It has won awards from several Russian and international film festivals and was submitted for the Golden Globes. Conference had its international premiere in the Venice Days competition program of the 77th Venice Film Festival. The film received the Special Jury Mention and later became one of the major authorial film premieres in Russian cinema.

The historical experimental drama Achrome by Maria Ignatenko had its world premiere in the main competition at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2022. Later this year we will complete the production of the thriller Biomechanics of Meyerhold by Konstantin Fam and the sci-fi film Replica, the directorial debut by Amir Isaev.

The company has recently started producing documentary films as well. Our first documentary, From Jerusalem with Love, will premiere in 2022. The film tells the story of saving the Saint Alexander Nevsky compound — the major Russian Orthodox holy place in Jerusalem. They are also completing the production of the popular science documentary Red Hollywood, dedicated to the history of Soviet cinema in the United States.

The company is currently developing several live-action television series, an animated feature film, an ambitious biopic, and other projects of different genres, formats and complexity levels. 

The company has extensive experience in project implementation in collaboration with Russian and international companies. Ark Pictures projects are created with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Kinoprime Foundation, Eurimage Support Fund, and private philanthropists.

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