Peter Entell

Peter Entell was born in New York in 1952. With a degree in anthropology, he chose the path of documentary filmmaking, starting as a sound engineer and editor. Mr. Entell has lived in Switzerland since 1975. He has directed films in Europe, Africa and Asia, focusing on social, political and environmental subjects. More recently, he has made film portraits. He has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and his films have won a number of international awards.


2016  “Like Dew in the Sun”

2012  “A Home Far Away”

2007  “Shake the Devil Off”

2005  “Josh’s Trees”

2001  “The Tube”

1997  “Rolling”

1995  “Martha”

1991  “Waiting for the Caribou”

1991  “Man and Chimpanzee”,

1988  “The Testimony of  Four South African Workers”

1987  “Depending on Heaven”

1983   “Moving on: The Hunger for Land in Zimbabwe”

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