Ekaterina Eremenko

She was born in Moscow to a family of engineers and scientists. When she was a child, Ekaterina was amazed by the beauty of math. She graduated with Honors from Moscow State University in mathematics, and then started her PhD work. After the death of her mother in a car accident She decided to take a break. She never returned to university. She was asked to work as model, which she did for a while. Then Ekaterina worked in TV as an anchorwoman and acted in films. Later on, she undertook a second education – film directing. Ekaterina made four films as the auteur and director with German producers for leading European TV channels: ARTE, BBC, ZDF and others. Now she want to return to her “first love”- mathematics, but this time to make a film about it.

2017 “Whispers of String Theory” 25 min
2017 “Lake Vostok. At the Mountains of Madness” 90 min

2016 “Andrew Wiles” 4min

2015 ”The Discrete Charm of Geometry”
Production EEFilms in cooperation with DVG “DGD”, 65 min

2012 ”Colors of Math”
Production EEFilms,  60 min

2008 ”My Class” or “My class- was aus uns wurde”
Zeroone production together with Maximage (swiss), ARTE, RBB, BBC, 90min

2004 “Big Bones – Big Business” or “Sibirische Knochenjagd” or “Chasse a lòs en Siberie” D , 59min. Lizardmedien production with

2003 ”The Sound of Russia” or “Die Meistersinger”, 59 & 75 min.

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