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original title: ARVENTUR

2015, DCP, 80 min., author's technique, the combination of images and animations, Russian

adventure Asia dreams tale

CATEGORY : Animation
PRODUCTION : BUDGET : 370 000 euro



Vladimir Koshevoi, Sergey Dreiden, Valentin Tszin, Yan Nam


Director : Screenplay : Irina Evteeva
Cinematographer : Valeriy Myulgaut
Producers : Andrei Sigle



FESTIVALS: Trieste Film Festival 2016, Silk Road International Film Festival 2015

Irina Evteeva speaks about the technique she uses to make her films:

“I am not a traditional cartoon maker. At first I make a film with actors and then I make all the animation, based on what I filmed. The frame is projected on a large window. But if the window is transparent, nothing will be seen on it. A number of projectors is installed, one sending an image of a person, another one the background, and so on. We can manipulate many different lamps with different level of color, light and heating. Cameraman and I, we build and invent every frame together, I draw on the glass, we arrange the lights and if it is approved, we start to film. On the average, during one day we make forty animation pictures, using 120 film frames. The most interesting thing for me in animation is the mutual penetration of images”.


«Arventur» is a country invented by a writer Alexander Grin, where real life and a specific imaginary world exist simultaneously. Film consists of two independent plots, which are parts of one dramatic story about the difficult “relationship” between the reality and the art of illusion.

The first story called “Mystery of the sea view” is taken from Daoistic parable about the great Chinese Artist and Emperor.Once Emperor, grown up on paintings of Artist, realizes that the true world and his own kingdom are not as beautiful and harmonious as the reality painted on the canvases. Emperor can’t accept all dirt and horror of the cruel real life. Artist’s skill and witchcraft have turned him away from everything that he possesses and have made him wish for what will never exist.

The second story is based on Alexander Grin’s story “Fandango”. It takes place in Saint-Petersburg in 1920. The main character looking for a place to spend a night being in a maze of empty rooms and holls of former central bank, is happened to be involved in a horrific confrontation between wererats and Ratcatcher whose daughter he fell in love with.