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original title: Los Ofendidos

2016, 85 min., color, Spanish

Alfredo Stroessner confessions of an executioner dictatorship escuadrones de la muerte family history human rights memoirs military junta repressions The Act of Killing The Look of Silence torture

DOCUMENTARY CATEGORY : Social / Society / Human
COUNTRIES: El Salvador, Mexico
PRODUCTION : BUDGET : 350 000 euro



Director : Screenplay : Marcela Zamora
Cinematographer : Álvaro Rodríguez
Producers : Julio López Fernández


IDFA 2016, International Premiere
Mar del Plata international Film Festival 2016, Latin America premiere
AMBULANTE, México 2017
Festival Internacional de cine de Guadalajara 2017



In the Salvadoran civil war, my father and thousands more were captured and tortured by the State. These are some of their stories.

When I turned 33, my mother told me that my father, during the Salvadoran civil war, had been captured and tortured for 33 days by the National Police. Two years later I had the courage to ask him and other men and women about those days. These people do not ask for revenge, all that they ask is to know the truth.